Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is the promotional cruise offered at the presentation free?

When individuals are invited to a presentation, they are offered a cruise certificate upon completion. PassToParadise is the fulfilling promotional company, and we are working in conjunction with promotional companies to offer a complimentary, not "free", cruise.

So how come people keep saying "free cruise"?

The reason why is simply because people want to make their own assumptions. PassToParadise can't legally write "free", because EVERY person taking the cruise MUST pay taxes and port fees to the cruise line. Essentially, it's as close to free as it gets.

What is this "cruise voucher" worth?

The cruise certificate is generally used on inside or outside cabins with a maximum gross value of $1000.00. Anything over that in peak/holiday season, you would want to anticipate paying out of pocket. Other charges which may occur are cabin upgrades, taxes, tips, insurance, transfers and excursions. To get a feel for the taxes and possible upgrades visit your favorite cruise retailer's website.

This page was created to help clarify to people searching "Pass to Paradise Free Cruise", and we hope that in the future this misunderstanding will be clear to all inquirers. 

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